Communication 2.0

for trainings, fairs and seminars

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Panorama Fashion Fair

Communication 2.0 for trainings, fairs and seminars

Announce is an innovative communication system for trainings, seminars and trade fairs. It enables real time communication to all participants by actively posting relevant and valuable information to them.


Change of plans, five minutes before the start of an event? No problem with Announce! By entering information on Announce's administration website, it is immediately available on the participants' mobile phones.

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Ensure relevant communication

Don't spoil your participants with irrelevant information. Approach them with the training schedule of a group the participant belongs to! Individual filters let your participants decide that they want to be informed about.

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Announce is your communications control center.


Everything your guests need to know on their mobile phone.


You know everything about your guests. Except what they are doing in your property - Announce closes this knowledge gap..


Send specific direct messages, if you want to receive extra attention.


Few things are as valuable as your member's feedback. Announce makes giving feedback easier than ever.

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Panorama Fashion Fair
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