Ensure relevant communication

Announce on desktop and mobile

Don't spoil your participants with irrelevant information. Approach them with the training schedule of a group the participant belongs to! Individual filters let your participants decide that they want to be informed about.
Announce is your communications control center

  • Truly individual: Present your convention with your own App and fully customized content
  • Convenient maintenance: Easy to use admin website
  • Highly flexible: Define structure and content 100% yourself

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As individual as your venue

Announce is a white label solution (optional) to deliver your own app with an individual app icon and name. Manage content and structure 100% yourself through an easy-to-use administration website. Inform your participants about everything that is important: Program, special offers, last minute changes, course material

Customized app icon

Real time information

Everything you enter is immediately live in the app and available to all participants. Ideal in order to manage your participants, if last minute changes occur or to guide them to special deals and offers.

Relevance filter

Provide communication experience which is as individual as your participants. By applying a personal interest filter to all available content, everything your participants read is 100% relevant and gets full attention.

Push it (and your participants)

Maximize your communication's input by sending it as a push message to the participant's phone (optional). The relevance filter ensures to access only those participants who are really interested.

Reach maximum attention by communicating only what is really relevant to your members. By applying a personal interest filter in the app, everything your users read is 100% relevant and gets full attention.

Presence on all devices

Announce comes as an Android and iOS smartphone and tablet app. The web app serves all other devices. An Announce App for Apple Watch complements the line up to be as close to your participants as possible.

Announce is a team player

Let your whole team participate in administrating content for Announce. Based on a powerful user rights management, you can easily control who of your staff is allowed to do what - from data entry to sending push messages.

Leverage on existing content

Any content already existing in your content management system. Announce can easily import all available content via our import API. Also services like booking engines are integrated into the app with the ease of a few clicks.

Make it big!

If you want to maximize attention attention on your communications, our giant tablet is just right for you. A 46” touch screen in a 6' pile with a fully touch sensitive Announce App specified for this XXL device - no one of your participants will walk by without paying attention on what's going on in your Announce App.

Your sales desk - also in Announce

Special hotel rates, limousine services, presentation material and merchandise - promote and sell it with Announce. A dedicated offer section showcases all commercial offers. The integrated booking engine helps you managing limited availabilities while giving the app users the real time experience they expect from ecommerce solutions.

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